Q: What makes TCC programing different from all the others out there?

A: We differentiate our programing by our approach.  Our pro-active system teaches cyclists to always be aware of their surroundings limiting exposure and vulnerability.  It starts with honing basic motor skills and making them second nature.  Once mastered, our methodology empowers the rider with a self checklist for all unpredictable situations and helps them steer clear eliminating the need for quick reaction times.  Choosing a plan of action ahead of time can often save oneself from a predicament.  This is how we help cyclists be safe on the roads and in traffic.

Q: Where are the sessions being held? 

A: For the in-class sessions at completed on-site at the office and the practical outdoor sessions are held at Old Mill, & Sunny Brook Park.  Other Locations available at request, however dependent on the size of the group of participants.

Q: What is required for the practical session outside? 

A: Your bike in good working order, air in the tires, helmet & signed waiver.

Q: What fitness level should I have to take part in a session?

A: Any level of fitness is sufficient for all topics with the exception of the Group Learn to Ride Skills and Intermediate Skills categories.