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Daniel YangPrincipal

Daniel has a deep respect, understanding and passion for the sport of cycling.  His passion for cycling started when he got his first mountain bike in 1988.  Throughout high school, he worked at bike shops. From there, he went on to rep for cycling companies and kept himself immersed in the cycling community.  In 2007 he founded the Beaches Cycling Club.  His proactive approach to safety helps to maintain an incident free record.  His hard work and pay-it-forward philosophy inspire others to achieve their goals and appreciate the progressive nature of the sport.

In 2019 he took on a project to grow a local Bike Shop from 1 to 4 shops in 3 years adding a location per year during the pandemic.  This took a business from $600K a year to $7.5M in 3 years.

With over 25 years in the industry, his current focus is on building cycling community through the Education arm of TCC and working with the local bike shops to get more people on bikes.

After all, Experience is Everything!